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Friday, January 22, 2021

Potato Growth in The Netherlands

Potato growing is a capital-intensive activity. It requires high investments in equipment as well as substantial operational costs during the season, e.g. for planting material, fertilizers, crop protection agents, soil- and crop sampling, and laboratory analysis. Margins are generally quite small. Trials have shown that precision agriculture practices are rewarding and have a significant impact on financial returns. FieldCopter’s application helps the reduction of fertilizers and crop protection agents through variable rate application. This can be done through the use of NIR band monitoring of biomass. Where satellite imagery is not sufficient in terms of resolution (spatial), coverage (clouds) or timing (short-term planning), FieldCopter will acquire imagery using UASs. The UAS-images are processed to biomass index maps, and variable rate application advices for fertilization, crop protection, and irrigation. It is envisaged that the (digital) maps will be directly used on farm machines for variable spraying of crop protection agents and fertilizers. Earlier commercial experiments to this end have been conducted successfully.

Your Input is Welcome

FieldCopter will consult you as part of the stakeholders’ community. In this way we closely match the service with your needs, and we ensure that it harmoniously embeds in its legal and operational environment. If you are a stakeholder and/or user we give you the opportunity to have a say in shaping up the service. We are looking forward to receive your feedback! Contact us through our website & subscribe to our newsletter.

Vineyard Monitoring in Spain

In the Mediterranean region irrigation is the main topic for the advisory service. The availability of water is an expensive and limiting factor for optimal yield. By using thermal imagery, water content and stress levels can be monitored and specific advice on the optimal irrigation regimes can be given. FieldCopter will help monitoring and ultimately improve the effectiveness of the irrigation activities. The consortium already gained experience in the Spanish market by recording UAS-imagery over vineyards on a commercial basis.

FieldCopter is carried out in the context of the Galileo FP7 R&D programme supervised by the GSA (Nr. 277612-2).