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Friday, January 22, 2021
FLYING-CAM is a SME world-leader in the application of unmanned helicopters for Aerial Filming, being granted with an Academy Award for Technical Achievement from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science for the pioneering concept and development of mounting a motion picture camera on an unmanned miniature helicopter.With a fleet of Flying-Cam helicopters based in Europe, USA and Asia, FLYING-CAM projects include films such as Robin Hood, GI Joe, Hancock, Red Cliff, Curse of the Golden Flower, Harry Potter, James Bond; commercials such as BMW, Lenovo, Kenzo; and broadcast live events such as the MoD challenge. Since 20 years FLYING-CAM has been designing and manufacturing VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) for the motion pictures and television industry. FLYING-CAM has a team of engineers with expertise in Aeronautics, Aerial Robotics and Optronics. FLYING-CAM is particularly active in Research & Technology Development projects on autonomous capabilities, selective laser syntering technology and human machine interface. After 6 years of RDT, FLYING-CAM is bringing to the market the new generation of Flying-Cam UAV under the generic name of SARAH: Special Aerial Response Autonomous Helicopter.
FieldCopter is carried out in the context of the Galileo FP7 R&D programme supervised by the GSA (Nr. 277612-2).