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Thursday, November 26, 2020
The Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (IAS), National Research Council (CSIC) was created in 1992, to replace the previous Institute of Agronomy and Crop Protection. Its installations are located in “Alameda del Obispo”, a farm with more than 100 ha belonging to the regional government of Andalucía. In the surroundings of the buildings are experimental fields facilities of irrigated land and experimental farm machinery. Within the IAS, the Laboratory for Research Methods in Quantitative Remote Sensing (QuantaLab) is participating in FieldCopter. The QuantaLab is the leading UAV research team for agriculture and RS in the European Union. Their cutting-edge facilities and infrastructure enable any flight plan and experiments required at no cost.
FieldCopter is carried out in the context of the Galileo FP7 R&D programme supervised by the GSA (Nr. 277612-2).