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Thursday, November 26, 2020
Fundacion Andaluza para el Desarrollo Aeroespacial (FADA CATEC) is a non-profit organisation that takes care of the management and development of the Centre for Advanced Aerospace Technologies (FADA-CATEC). FADA-CATEC has 3.000 m2 for laboratories and workshops, and 1.500 m2 for offices and is also operating a facility for UAV service testing. The main goal of FADA-CATEC is to perform research and development activities and projects in coordination with universities and other research centers, at national and international level. FADA-CATEC attends the R&D and innovation demand of about 150 industrial companies and has obtained a grant of 21 Million euros for R&D infrastructure and equipment. The FADA-CATEC Research and Technology Units are: Avionics and Unmanned Systems, Simulation and Software, Materials and Processes and Automation and Robotics. The Avionics and Unmanned Systems Unit of CATEC participates in FieldCopter. This unit is devoted to the development of embedded and on-board hardware and software that supports high criticality levels, as well as new functionalities including navigation, guidance and control systems, multi-vehicle coordination and communication methods. Also, the unit has among its facilities a fleet of UAVs ranging from 2Kg to 30Kg payloads, both aircrafts and helicopters. These UAVs are used to develop new technologies and validate them in flight experiments.
FieldCopter is carried out in the context of the Galileo FP7 R&D programme supervised by the GSA (Nr. 277612-2).