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Friday, January 22, 2021

Aurea Imaging

Aurea Imaging is specialised in Earth Observation image analysis, transforming RS data from satellites and airborne campaigns into geo-information products and services for decision makers. Main application fields are agriculture, environment and mining. The company was founded in 2008 by a multinational team comprising Belgian, Spanish, Dutch and Argentinean nationalities. Aurea Imaging has a multidisciplinary team, combining the competences of several RS experts, GIS technicians, one GNSS expert and one UAV engineer. Based on 10 years of experience, Aurea Imaging has a good knowledge of RS market in the Benelux, Spain, eastern Europe, Argentina, Chile and Ecuador. The interpretation of UAV based imagery as a complementary solution to the more classic satellite and airborne based solutions is currently investigated, using multispectral cameras. In the current project, Aurea Imaging will be mainly responsible for the demonstration of the proposed system and the drafting of the technical service chain elements.
FieldCopter is carried out in the context of the Galileo FP7 R&D programme supervised by the GSA (Nr. 277612-2).